Comm Final prezi

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TED Talk! (it’s terrible)

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TED talk proposal!

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Proposal: Piracy of content, whether it’s movies, music, television shows, and even books (yes, you can pirate books now, blame the whole e-book thing) has caused a flurry of activity surrounding how content can be obtained or created online. User generated content on the internet is part of what makes it great. And yet anti-piracy laws recently put user generated content in danger. However, if we can support anti-piracy and not infringe on the rights of creators, progress can be made. 


1.) Appeal to the audience’s love of content, specifically content that can be obtained through the internet (which is literally everything ever these days)

2.) Acknowledge to the audience the reality of piracy, admit that you’ve done it, and trot out statistics about how it is commonplace.

3.) Talk about the recent SOPA and PIPA controversies, outline why people opposed those bills.

4.) Talk about how the internet should be egalitarian, not in the pockets of corporate lobbies or advertisers that control content.

5.) Discuss ways every day people can stop piracy, support artists, and still have content for themselves.

Eczema, you are not invited to my pizza party

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From Chris Onstad's Achewood, December 09, 2005

I’m totally dying.

Not in the “I-have-a-terminal-illness-and-wish-to-see-Hulk-Hogan-in-my-last-days” dying, but I’m dying. In increments. The way we’re all dying. I understand that last sentence sounds like so much dorm room philosophizing from an undergrad, but please bear with me. In the past three months or so, I’ve had to get glasses for failing eyesight, a breathing test for inflamed lungs, and I totally have one of the unsexiest of skin disorders, eczema. On the ladder of unsexy biological failings, glasses + eczema + asthma hits the hat trick that puts me just a rung or two above cystic acne and obesity.

Why am I telling you this? I’m not entirely sure. There is, of course, an element of navel gazing, look-at-me blog generation thing going on here. I totally acknowledge that. At the same time, I think that the past couple months have ushered my biology in to the stupid, terrifying thing called adulthood. You know you’ve entered adulthood when shit starts breaking down and you realize that your body is saying “dude, this is a house of cards and it’s going to fall over at any time…CHECK YOURSELF.” Okay, well, maybe the body isn’t saying THAT specifically. But still. If you pile that on top of the exponentially growing neuroticism that is beginning to rule our lives, you begin to see a window into the much talked about, much unloved Real World. This Real World is the one where you have to deal with stupid dry skin and dumbface, mild agoraphobia. Or high blood pressure, or ADHD, or needing to pee sit down sidesaddle. Or whatever combination you have therein. To one degree or another, we ALL have to deal with this shit, and the sooner we acknowledge it, the better. Still. Eczema, you are not invited to my pizza party. Because you are itchy as shit.

The most beautiful shot in American cinema?

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TEDxSJU revision!

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Now more artfully concluded! I also included slides that name the people in the video for convenience’s sake. The whole idea behind the video is to show TEDxSJU’s philosophical basis, as well as encapsulating the emotional content of the event, and the emotional strength of event. And the whole idea that change making can sometimes mean pushing the limits (“Yes, a heart will always go one step too far”), and that by trying to make change, we can “go places”, metaphorically speaking.

Who I am as a filmmaker…

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While I’d hesitate to sincerely call myself a filmmaker, I feel as though I’ve certainly grown as a video maker in the time I’ve spent in this class. The inspiration I found chiefly came from filmmakers like the above pictured Erroll Morris, perhaps the greatest documentarian of all time and the director of such classic films as “Gates of Heaven”, “The Thin Blue Line”, “Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control”, “Fog of War”, and “Standard Operating Procedure”. The other filmmaker that seems to have the most obvious connection to my videos would Chris Marker. Not to get all pretentious and film snobby, but Chris Marker used montage, the editing of still photos/already established video footage to great rhetorical effect. Example:

Something we carried over into our transmedia storytelling video, and into my TEDxSJU bumper, as well as my music video.