I am Jack and Jim’s clinical depression, a.k.a. When art is made for your brain

A blog I frequently link, Jim Emerson’s scanners, made a post about a year ago that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Jim relates how Fight Club eerily (and sometimes hilariously) reflected his own battles with clinical depression. The movies can do that, can’t they? Have you ever watched a movie (or read a book, or listened to a song, etc.) and felt as though it had come from a part of your brain, from a part of you? My experiences with depression were (and are, I guess? It never “goes away” technically) remarkably similar to Jim’s; depression really is a sea of emotional contradicitions (you feel emotionless yet sad, you think you’ve felt that way forever even though it obviously isn’t true, etc.) so it is hard to describe to people because of how totally illogical and irrational it is. That being said, I didn’t react nearly the same way to Fight Club, possibly because of the very specific things that Jim experienced but I did not (apocalyptic feelings, manic guilt over an imagined crime), so I’ve never quite felt as though Fight Club was an accurate portrait of depression, or at least an accurate portrait of my experiences with it. Enough with the somber stuff, though. Hopefully you’ve made it this far and haven’t been scared off by some of the rather candid content of the post. So I’ll pose the question to you: has a film, or a book, or a song, or anything felt like it had come directly from you? As if it had been made “on your frequency” or right from your very brain? And it doesn’t have to involve negative content, either. Positive content can come from your brain too.

I think I’ll post mine after I see what a few people have said.


~ by frankmc5 on December 3, 2009.

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