TED entertainment idea!

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

I’m not sure if it’s a little too early to be discussing something like this, but I figure the earlier we start getting ideas for this the better! For the past few days now I’ve been kicking around some ideas about musical entertainment for our TED event, and one idea that popped in and stuck was Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

They’re fairly well known among a lot of people our age, especially the more “indie/alternative” types. They’re an indie rock band from Washington D.C., and like a lot of bands from that area they’ve been heavily involved with the East Coast for years, and they’ve spent a lot of time in the Philly/Jersey area (in fact, they just played a bar here a few nights ago! Unfortunately I didn’t attend). They’ll even be on the East Coast on December 6th (opening for the New Pornographers in NYC). Their music often deals with issues of social and interpersonal change and positivity (it’s also incredibly catchy and fun), and Ted Leo is a passionate, articulate, and intelligent guy from what I’ve seen of him in interviews. I’ll attach some links to their music so you can get an idea of what they’re like, and hopefully they’ll prove to be of some interest. That said, I’d be as psyched as anyone else to have G. Love and the Special Sauce play.

Bottled in Cork (the guy playing the obnoxious Broadway producer is brilliant comedian [from Philly!] Paul F. Tompkins):

Me and Mia:


~ by frankmc5 on September 19, 2010.

One Response to “TED entertainment idea!”

  1. Very catchy. I think they’d be perfect. Start drafting the invitation! (Let’s invite G Love too)

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