Trash on the information super highway

Cheesy title, I know (I’m pretty sure people stopped referring to the internet as the information super highway some time around 1999), but it’s appropriate for what I’m getting at. You don’t have to be a pasty, maladjusted film geek to find and appreciate cinematic trash anymore. I recently wrote a review for Nathan Rabin’s “My Year of Flops” for the Hawk; the book is a chronicle of Rabin’s journey through some of the worst flops in film history, and he gives them a second life (and a second judgment, though they could still be judged a failure or a fiasco) through the project. But you don’t have to have Rabin’s extensive knowledge and resources to find that kind of trash anymore. As Mystery Science Theater 3000 taught us, such offal can be quite entertaining on its own, and even more entertaining with some skillful, snarky commentary. But you don’t really even need the sharply honed comedic chops of the MST3K crew to enjoy this stuff either. With the advent of the internet, everyone’s a snarkster, and everyone is finding about about the latest “so-bad-it’s-good” films that will become the Midnight Movie classics of tomorrow. The most famous current example being Tommy Wiseau’s now immortal The Room, which has become a Rocky Horror-esque phenomenon, complete with midnight showings that include inside jokes and dress up among its most fervent followers. But these aren’t your typical Midnight Movie crowd anymore, now that The Room has become a Youtube sensation (complete with its own dubstep remix, which will be linked below), even frat boys and regular joes who wouldn’t know Lucio Fulci or Ed Wood from Adam can join in on the fun. Now on the horizon comes “Birdemic – Shock and Horror”, and I won’t say much about it (or its director Justin Nguyen), since I think the trailer speaks for itself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to cue in Birdemic and join Mike and the Bots for some riffing.



~ by frankmc5 on November 4, 2010.

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