charity:water Redux

Prior to volunteering for the charitable organization Mercy Ships in 2004, Scott Harrison admits that “I was the worst person I knew”. Established as a successful New York City night club promoter, Harrison lived the high life, throwing parties for MTV, VH1, and others, as well as indulging in copious amounts of ecstasy and cocaine. But then Harrison had an epiphany while visiting Urugay, realizing that his life was empty, and that he was burnt out on drugs and partying; he resolved to do something with himself and contribute to the world in a positive fashion. Harrison found that many of the problems in poor African villages (illness, lack of education, etc.) were rooted in the fact that most of these villages had no clean water to drink, and no sanitary plumbing systems. Scott took created charity:water and took to the internet like a fish to water, spreading the message and mission of charity:water through the website, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook pages he created for the organization. He formed connections with other organizations and other areas in the developing world that had similar problems with unsanitary water, and has so far raised $10,000,000 and done countless good.


~ by frankmc5 on November 30, 2010.

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