Who I am as a filmmaker…

While I’d hesitate to sincerely call myself a filmmaker, I feel as though I’ve certainly grown as a video maker in the time I’ve spent in this class. The inspiration I found chiefly came from filmmakers like the above pictured Erroll Morris, perhaps the greatest documentarian of all time and the director of such classic films as “Gates of Heaven”, “The Thin Blue Line”, “Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control”, “Fog of War”, and “Standard Operating Procedure”. The other filmmaker that seems to have the most obvious connection to my videos would Chris Marker. Not to get all pretentious and film snobby, but Chris Marker used montage, the editing of still photos/already established video footage to great rhetorical effect. Example:

Something we carried over into our transmedia storytelling video, and into my TEDxSJU bumper, as well as my music video.


~ by frankmc5 on May 2, 2011.

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