TED talk proposal!

Proposal: Piracy of content, whether it’s movies, music, television shows, and even books (yes, you can pirate books now, blame the whole e-book thing) has caused a flurry of activity surrounding how content can be obtained or created online. User generated content on the internet is part of what makes it great. And yet anti-piracy laws recently put user generated content in danger. However, if we can support anti-piracy and not infringe on the rights of creators, progress can be made. 


1.) Appeal to the audience’s love of content, specifically content that can be obtained through the internet (which is literally everything ever these days)

2.) Acknowledge to the audience the reality of piracy, admit that you’ve done it, and trot out statistics about how it is commonplace.

3.) Talk about the recent SOPA and PIPA controversies, outline why people opposed those bills.

4.) Talk about how the internet should be egalitarian, not in the pockets of corporate lobbies or advertisers that control content.

5.) Discuss ways every day people can stop piracy, support artists, and still have content for themselves.


~ by frankmc5 on April 5, 2012.

One Response to “TED talk proposal!”

  1. Frank,

    I think that your talk is going to be really good. I loved that you picked a relevant topic and that you are going to show us ways that we can do things without succumbing to piracy. I’m excited to see if you use examples and how you keep the audience interested other than through words. Looking forward to your talk.

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